Brazil wins the World Cup!…of Hair

Although I am not Brazilian, I am a Brazilian fan.  And like Brazilian fans all over the world, I was extremely disappointed…and embarrassed, with Tuesday’s game that they lost to Germany, 7-1. But…lets move on to some positive things from the Brazil team…leave it up to a woman who has natural hair, to come up with a World Cup of Hair…specifically, beautiful ‘fro’s and dreads.  And for that, the Brazilian team is definitely a winner!


1. BRAZIL. From the Brazilian team, there are a number of men who have some beautiful curls and coils.  I’ve managed to narrow it down to my favourite 5, which are the following:

Willian (Willian Borges da Silva)

willian shades willian-2-1 Willian

Although he didn’t start in any of the Brazil games, this handsome young man and his gorgeous coils was subbed in for most of the games. He is only 25 years old, has been married for 3 years and has two gorgeous twin girls. He plays as a midfielder for Brazil and for Chelsea F.C. in the English Premier League (EPL). He is known for his quick feet, good looks, and awesome ‘fro.


David Luiz

Luiz tongue Luiz topless Luiz

Luiz, extremely well known for his big curly hair, which matches his big personality, says he started growing his hair only when he moved to England, to help keep his ears warm from the cold.  Everyone loved it, so he kept it long!  He is the vice-captain for Brazil as well as a defender. So far, he’s scored two goals, one of which definitely makes the top 5 goal list of this World Cup.  Last month he was traded from Chelsea F.C. to Paris Saint-Germain F.C. for a record 50 million pounds (equivalent to well over $85 million (US), $91 million (Canadian), 62 million Euros)!



Marcelo (Marcelo Vieira da Silva Jr.)

Marcelo headband Marcelo HIH Marcelo

This 26 year old defender, has two assists this World Cup. The first in their 4-1 win against Camroon, and the second one passed to Oscar in the only goal scored against Germany in yesterday’s humiliating 7-1 defeat that shattered their dreams of World Cup victory. And look, Ladies, he’s just like us…he tries to tame his ‘fro with a headband, and he has the same ‘hand in hair’ problem that many of us suffer from! With a fro this nice, we can’t blame him.


Dante (Dante Bonfim Costa Santos)

Dante curls Dante topless Donte

30-year-old Dante has only played one game in this year’s World Cup…and unfortunately it was yesterday’s pitiful game. In his one and only game, he committed one foul and was yellow carded. Better luck next time, Dante!


Jo (Joao Alves de Assis Silva) Jo

Although not as much of a looker as his fellow Brazilian teammates with great hair, I must say, Jo does have great hair! This World Cup, the forward rocked his hair in a shorter style than in the picture, but I still have to recognize his beautiful coils.

So congrats, Brazil.  All the best on Saturday’s game against Netherlands!


2. ENGLAND. 2nd place is another squad that should have done much better than they did this World Cup…England! Although they didn’t even make it out of their group round, they did pretty well here in my World Cup of Hair.



Daniel Sturridge

Daniel-Sturridge-England-Kit sturridge dance sturridge-1 Sturridge

Topping the list is a young, good looking, very talented Danny Sturridge.  How can you not love those defined curls?  24 year old Sturridge was the first Englander to score this World Cup, in their first game which was against Italy.  In typical Sturridge style, he celebrated his goal by dancing.  During the EPL he plays as a forward for Liverpool F.C.  He has had an extremely successful year there and we continue to wish him all the best.


Raheem Sterling

sterling slant sterling

Jamaican born, Sterling, who plays as a midfielder for Liverpool as well, is only 19 years old.  He switches up his hair from slanted box cuts, nice fades, lighter colours, Mohawks, and neat designs.


Glen Johnson

glen_johnson_england Johnson long hair

29 year old Johnson also plays for Liverpool, but as a defender.  During this World Cup, he rocked a fade, but he use to have nice long hair, which he usually kept braided.  Who cares, did you see the first photo? :p



3. BELGIUM. Third place is Belgium with two ‘fro award worthy players.



fellaini Fellaini big hair

26 year old Marouane Fellaini is a midfielder for Belgium and Manchester United F.C.  He scored in their first World Cup game against Algeria that they won 2-1.  Fellaini is very well known for his signature super large ‘fro.


Axel Witsel

axel-Witsel topless Witsel hair witsel shades

Martinique born Witsel is a 25 year old player who plays midfield for Belgium and in the Russian Premier League.  The Belgium coach, Marc Wilmots, has said of him, “…he’s got the best tactical brain.  He holds onto possession and works for the good of the team.  He carries out my ideas on the pitch.”  Well done, Witsel!


There are a number of other ‘fro (and dreadlock) award worthy males, but unfortunately, they needed to have a number of team players with beautiful ‘fros or dreads to make it on this list.  Some notable individual mentions (in no particular order) are as follows:

Ekotto Assou Ekotto (Cameroon)     Bony Wilfred Bony (Ivory Coast)   Colombia v Senegal - FIFA Friendly Match Carlos Sanchez (Columbia)     mikel Jon Obi Mikel (Nigeria)

Eder Eder (Portugal)

Caicedo Felipe Caicedo (Equador)     Gyan Asamoah Gyan (Ghana)     I hope you’ve enjoyed my list.  Anyone’s beautiful fro or dreads that I left off the list?  Feel free to share your thoughts below.  Thanks and enjoy the rest of the World Cup!


8 responses to “Brazil wins the World Cup!…of Hair

  1. love this! i am also a huge fan of Brazil and even though they did not win the World Cup they are still champions in my heart! 🙂


      • Your welcome! 🙂 Since I now know your a fan of Brazil I know you are going to like some of my choices for my newest post “My Top Ten Soccer Players (Part 2)”! Please check it out and tell me what you think! Thanks! 🙂


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