Lessons Learned from Laying on a Beach

Just a quick list of some things/life lessons I’ve noticed while laze’ing around on various beaches.

1. Human beings can truly be obnoxious.  From littering on such beautiful creations, puffing smoke in the direction of non smokers, placing towels on beach chairs that they aren’t going to use for hours, bending down in what is as close to your birthday suit right in people’s faces (this may be a good thing for some people I suppose), kicking up sand in people’s faces as you walk by, the list goes on… Humans can really be assholes.

2. It doesn’t matter how old, how big of a belly a man has, chances are, his woman looks great! It’s not fair. It really isn’t. My theory is if I’m something nice to look at, I think I deserve something nice to look at too. If I work to keep my body in shape, shouldn’t my mate? How do these men get these disgustingly large bellies anyway? I can’t grasp the idea that it’s women who give birth, yet  its the men who have these bellies that look like they give birth for a living.  There is a clear discrepancy for a lot of women in the physical world. I’m sure they make up for it in ways that are definitely more important than physical appearance, but my gosh, men luck out in this department.

3. Our creator takes care of all of His creations…. But we have to do our part. I love seeing the different animals that different beaches bring out. Monkeys, birds, iguanas, crabs, Cray fish, snails, fish, etc, etc. They’re all taken care of. They always have enough food,  enough shelter. But more importantly,  I’ve noticed that they don’t just sit back and get these things.  They are always on their grind. They are always working hard to get theirs. Our Creator looks after us, we notice this most when we’re doing our part to look after ourselves.

4. You know that awesome soft, white sand that we love wriggling our toes in? Ya, that comes from rock. Hard ass rocks make sand. The sea water beats it down so much that it disintegrates into little bits of rock which is sand. So regardless of how tough as nails as you think you are, even rocks get broken down… Humble yourself.

5. Thanks to Drake and that highly annoying catch phrase YOLO (you only live once), too many people are living like down the road they won’t have to live with the choices they’ve made years ago. When I see random things wash ashore… I’m reminded of this. Stop the reckless living. Most times it will come back to haunt you… Your deeds from the past most likely will float ashore.

So? What lessons can I summarize from my beach musings?
1. It’s not just about us. Stop being asshole’ish, my fellow humans.
2. Men seem to have it good.
3. Our Creator gives us what we need, but we still have to do our part.
4. Even the hardest rock gets broken.
5. Your past most likely will wash ashore. Live your life so you can ensure you collect good things when that happens.

Any beach lessons that I’ve left out? Feel free to add your opinions and/or thoughts by commenting. Thanks for reading my random thoughts for today. :p


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