Writing Group Post #1: A Meeting in the Forest

So I’ve joined this group where we meet up and just write every week.  We’re given a sentence starter and have just under 25 minutes to just write.  When we’re done, those who are comfortable, share their work aloud.  I’ll do my sharing here. 🙂 I’m going to TRY to remember and post here each time we meet.  Feel free to use the same sentence starter…and add your own piece of writing in the comment section! Sharing is caring!  OR, if you have a good sentence starter that you’d like to volunteer for my group one week, please share that too! Happy writing (and reading)!

P.S. We’re not professionals…just nice folk who love to write…however crazy and nonsensical it may come out. 🙂


A Meeting in the Forest

From the dense forest, a hooded figure emerges.  I take two steps backwards, the sound of breaking twigs beneath my sneakers.

“H-h-h-h-who’s there?” I cowardly call out.  The hairs on my arms stand erect, anticipating nothing other than the worst.

“Janna?…Is that you?”

“Max?!” I scream with excitement.  I would recognize that soft, mellow voice anywhere.

“What on earth are you doing out here at this hour?” He stepped closer towards me, his silhouette enhanced by the moonlight.

“I could ask you the same thing!” I snapped back.  It was probably well after 3am at this point.  We both stood at the opening of a local forest which was about a 20 minute walk from our group home.

“Aaah…” he moaned.  “I don’t know…I…I just hate it there!  It’s the last place in the world I’d like to be.” He mumbled as he kicked around one of the broken twigs that lay lifeless on the forest floor.

“I hear you,” I responded. “But it’s only been what…5 days for you? You may like it after all, you know?  Things may just change.”

“Ha!” He chuckled.  “Not with old Ms. Givens there.  That woman is sheer evil!” We both giggled.  He was right.  She wasn’t nice.  Not at all.  But she was the closest thing to a mom that I had in the last 6 years.

“How long you been stuck here?” He asked.

“Too long,” I chuckled as I lied.  I was happy to be there.  Lord knows it was much better than where I came from. “But in a couple years I’m legally free, so I don’t stress it.  It could always be worse, right?”

“Maaaaannnn…” he went on.  “I don’t know how you do it, but I know I can’t.  Another week, and I’m outta there.”

I froze, but my lips moved faster than my mind. “What? No, what do you mean?” He leaned in closer to me, his bottom lip lightly brushing the tip of my ear.  His warm breath over me brought a shiver that ran throughout my body, from my ear, to the tip of my toes.

“I’m going to run away.” He whispered.


Welp, that’s all I got done in the brief time we had…and I guess that’s all for now folks…thoughts, comments and questions are always welcome.


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