I’m bored with my (temporary) straight hair + Toronto Natural Hair Show is this weekend!

So nearly two weeks ago, I went to the hairdresser to straighten my hair because I was well overdue for a trim.  So first, I was blow dried, then trimmed.  They say it is easier to see the dead ends on blow dried hair as opposed to bone straight hair which gets “melted together” with use of the flat iron.  I was happy to get my hair straightened as I was dying to see the growth over the past year.  It was a year ago that I got my hair flat ironed prior. Seeing the difference in length, even after what felt like a cut (as opposed to a trim), is a great feeling.  Now flash forward 8 days later and I’m proud to say, I am bored with my straight hair.  I got that same feeling I get when I’ve had twists in for a while…I miss my kinks, curls and coils.  Though there is nothing wrong with straight hair, (that’s all I knew before I chopped it all off), it was good to go against the grain and although I had that (temporary) straight hair, it was good to miss what I naturally had, in all of it’s curls, tangles & frustrations!

On top of that, this weekend is the 9th Annual Toronto Natural Hair & Beauty Show!  It starts today with a day full of educational workshops, and finishes off tomorrow with another day of workshops, as well as a show, and great vendors to splurge on. So, I definitely wanted to have my fro out and ready.  Any naturalistas (or ladies considering…or even if you aren’t one), feel free to grab a ticket online, or just show up at the door and come learn, mix, mingle, buy, and be inspired.


3 responses to “I’m bored with my (temporary) straight hair + Toronto Natural Hair Show is this weekend!

    • Believe it or not, I only took one picture of myself during the time my hair was straightened, and that was only to compare it to a pic from last year. The pic was so dark, you couldn’t see much (though side by side you could see the growth, which is good/the point).

      There IS something really nice about missing those kinks, curls and coils, huh? 🙂

      Thanks for reading and commenting, Ardean!

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