Arbonne Pure Vibrance Fortifying Crème Conditioner Review

Arbonne Pure Vibrance Fortifying Crème Conditioner Review

I was able to try out Arbonne’s Pure Vibrance Fortifying Crème Conditioner, which comes from a line that caters primarily to colour and chemically treated hair. I will state that my hair is not coloured or chemically treated, so I cannot speak directly to the ColorLast Technology that Arbonne claims, but this product also claims to nourish all hair types, so here is my take.


Arbonne Pure Vibrance Fortifying Crème Conditioner claims to, “Restore and protect hair’s natural moisture with fortifying ingredients that help prevent hair strands from further breakage and damage. Exclusive ColorLast Technology maximizes colour longevity while providing softness and shine.” There are no artificial colours, no synthetic fragrance, it is sulfate and paraben-free, and is vegan. Although no synthetic fragrance is definitely a plus for those who don’t like the added chemicals that fragrance puts in our hair, I must say the fragrance was quite a turn off for me. I’ve definitely smelt worse hair products, but Arbonne’s claim to it having a “luxurious scent”…I highly disagree with. To each their own, I suppose, but if you’re expecting to smell like some tropical fruit after using this product, you will be highly disappointed.

My Experience:

For a wash out conditioner, I found it was thick to the touch. I could feel it coating my fingers as I rubbed it on. Although it was thick, it didn’t feel heavy, but rather moisturizing and full. Although I followed up with my regular LOC (Liquid/Leave-In/Lotion-Oil-Cream) method (check my process out in this past post: Naturalistas, wash day shouldn’t take the whole day! + NaturallyMia’s LOC method), I did find the detangling process a bit easier. Arbonne actually recommends using this conditioner as a detangler by adding it to tips of hair or any area where detangling is needed, then gently combing through. While wet, my hair did seem smoother.

Some Key Ingredients and Their Benefits:

  • Rice extract – protects and enhances hair colour. Provides flexibility and strength, which should help to reduce breakage.
  • Artichoke leaf extract – maintains hair fibre and shine.
  • Hawaiian white ginger root extract – conditions, repairs and strengthens hair.
  • White tea leaf extract – protects hair against the environment.
  • Horsetail leaf extract – conditions and protects against breakage.


At $40 Canadian/$36 American/25 British Pounds for an 8 fl oz/237g bottle, it is one of the pricier conditioners, but if you colour and/or chemical treat your tresses and therefore need a thick, moisturizing conditioner that maintains the longevity of your colour, it just might be worth the investment.

Have you tried this product?  Feel free to share your experiences or ask any questions in the comment section.


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