Fall Equals Change in Home, Wardrobe, Hair & Self

With sorrow, we officially say goodbye to summer, and welcome in the bright, fun colours of fall. Bored with green, Mother Nature takes out her paintbrush and entertains us with reds, yellows, orange and brown. It’s boot and sweater season and with the entrance of autumn, comes a time to change some things around at home, in wardrobe, in hair and in self.

In Home

fall home

We often talk about spring cleaning, but that was two seasons ago and it’s time to do a thorough cleaning yet again. Take some time to go through your home, get rid of what doesn’t need to be there and thoroughly clean what does. Maybe it’s time to change the planter on your porch and decorate it with more oranges, reds, yellows and greens. A nice way to welcome Fall is with a bright Fall wreath that hangs outside your door. An important part to fall cleaning for me, is going through my closet and drawers. Are there any clothes that maybe no longer fit? Are out dated? You know you rarely ever wear? Recycle those clothes instead of throwing them in the dumpster. Give them to relatives, friends, host a clothing swap, or donate them to a local charity of your choice. http://torontodonates.blogspot.ca/search/label/donate_clothes has a list of various organizations that accept clean used clothing. See which organization speaks to you, and donate there. *Note: A lot of these charities also accept toiletries, clothing, bedding, school supplies, food, batteries, cleaning products, etc.

Whether you celebrate Halloween or not, picking and carving a pumpkin is always good fun. Remember to save the seeds to clean, roast and snack on. Speaking of healthy snacking, fall is also a great time to go apple picking. Guaranteed there are a number of apple orchards closer to you than you think. Check out http://www.toronto.com/articles/apple-picking-in-toronto-the-gta/ for a list of orchards within the Greater Toronto Area as well as tips for apple picking. This can be a fun family activity as many farms/orchards also have petting zoos and wagon rides. The family fun can continue at home by using these apples to make pies, candied apples, apple chips, etc.


In Wardrobe

Fall clothes

Time to put away the booty shorts and bring out the tights, jeans, and joggers. Tank tops are now covered up with cardigans and hoodies, sweaters and shawls. Any stylish woman has a collection of scarves, be it wool, pashmina, silk, cotton, made by grandma, scarves that double as gloves or an infinity scarf. Scarves are a must for fall, not only for fashion, but for our neck’s sake. One thing I do love about fall is the fashion; I love the long boots, the scarves, the beanie hats, the leather jackets, the short trench coats, I love it all. Although it gets darker earlier in fall, it doesn’t mean that our wardrobe has to as well. Be daring and wear your favourite fall clothes in bright colours. We have maaaaaany weeks of winter to wear all the gray and black.


In Hair

Mario Epanya Photography

Mario Epanya Photography

Unless you’re living where the temperature stays warm in the fall, say goodbye to your wash and goes. With the cooler fall weather, the last thing you want to do is leave home with wet or damp hair. Cooler temperatures also mean more protective styling to maintain your hair’s moisture, as there is not much of summer’s humidity in the air. Use hats to cover hair, but remember, as cute as it is to have your bangs and ends peeking out through your hat, it may not be the best for your hair, especially for your ends which need the most protection. To keep those ends covered, a nice satin or silk wrap would be good, and stylish to rock.


In Self


Remember 10 months ago when you made those New Year’s Resolutions? How are you doing with those? With a new season shouldn’t just come newness on the outside, but a renewing on the inside. Choose a goal that you want to work towards, or work harder on the one you have already set for yourself. Give yourself a time frame, write it down, and get it done. It doesn’t have to be a goal in regards to weight or a job, it could be a goal towards creating a better you internally. Appreciate more, and complain less. One of my biggest life lessons was in realizing that the more I appreciated what I had, the more I had to appreciate. Make a goal to stop standing in your own way. To love more, judge less. To make time for you. Time away from friends, your partner, your kids, your work, your cell phone, social media, just time for You. For you to spend with you doing whatever you enjoy doing. Whether it is dancing, reading, writing, singing, driving, exercising, painting, meditating, just find what makes you happy, what makes you calm, and do it.

Embrace yourself, embrace fall, enjoy life.

New Brunswick, Canada by Graham Hobster

New Brunswick, Canada by Graham Hobster


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    If, like myself, you’re watching the first snowfall of the season, I know…it is beginning to feel a little like Old Man Winter decided to show his miserable face a little early, but, it is still fall. Here in Toronto, we’ve had a fairly good one up until this point, so much so I almost forgot to reblog this oldie but goodie. Hello Fall. Don’t leave us just yet!


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