Group Writing Post #5: “R” Journal (continued)

Group Writing Post #4: “R” Journal.

Here is the continuation of “R” Journal.  If you haven’t read the first part, please do at


My thoughts were interrupted as my door was burst open.

“Mom wants you to come down for dinner.” My little sister yelled as she stood, hands on hips, in my doorway.

“You never heard of knocking first?” I barked back.

“Yeah, I just didn’t care to.  Why?  What are you doing that you feel you need privacy?”  She took a few steps into my room and peered at me, almost on the tips of her toes, eyebrows arched, nose high.

“Mind your business.” I demanded, as I defensively rose to my feet.

“Hmm…you act as if you have something to hide.” She said as she walked closer, unintimidated by me.  Have you ever loved someone, all while hating them?  That was the relationship I had with my sister.  She was my sister – I loved her.  But her character – made me hate her.  At this point we were nose to nose, challenging each other with our very presence.  We were equally as tall and slim.  Most times when I looked at Eva, I saw a little bit of myself.  Maybe it was the round button nose, or the high and defined cheek bones, but scary enough, I saw a lot of me in this person I so badly wanted to pummel.

“What on earth are you two doing?” My mother interrupted.  The moment between my sister and I was so thick, that I didn’t even hear my mom walk upstairs and into my room.  Eva backed away without taking her eyes off me.

“Sorry, Mom,” she started, “I came to tell Rachel you wanted her down for dinner, but she instead decided to try and fight me for no reason.”

“What?” I screamed out as I inched towards her.

“Girls – just stop.  I don’t care.  Can we eat dinner, please?”  Although it was posed as a question, we both knew that it was an order.  My mom turned to walk back downstairs.  Eva followed closely behind her – not without first turning around to look at me and smirk.

I’ve never hated someone I loved, this much.


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