Shameful Mid/End of November Admittance

I guess when you see snow surrounding your Halloween pumpkin, it is time to get rid of it. It is Saturday, November 22nd, and I am sadly admitting that my pumpkin from Halloween (October 31st), is still outside. Halloween time was crazy busy, and although I really look forward to carving my pumpkin and roasting it’s seeds, this year, time didn’t allow me that pleasure. Part of the reason I kept it out there for weeks was because even though Halloween had passed, I wanted to at least practice my carving skills, even if I was going to just throw it out afterwards. I needed the daily reminder of the pumpkin sitting there, looking at me as I came home. But my reality of coming home exhausted daily, and the fact that, after time, I just didn’t notice something that has been there for so long, it just didn’t get done. I’d carve it now, but it’s probably frozen. Oh well, makes for a decent photo. 🙂



2 responses to “Shameful Mid/End of November Admittance

  1. Don’t feel bad. My human’s pumpkin is still outside too, and one is still in the car (never made it to the house). Now the carved one outside is melting like the wicked witch in the Wizard of Oz from decay. Have a pawsome weekend! =^,,^=

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