This season, with my natural hair, I swear…

I’m human, which unfortunately means that sometimes even when I really want to do something, I don’t. Even when it makes sense. Even when it is good for me. When I am held accountable, that ‘sometimes’ turns into a ‘rarely’. So, I am writing it down, posting it, and making myself accountable. Technically winter is still another month away, but it feels like winter has come and made itself comfortable, so I really need to adjust…like, actually adjust and switch things up. I won’t go into details of the things that we need to do for our hair (see a few basics that I’ve posted here, but I will state what I will ensure (or at least try VERY hard to do).

So, here is my list of what I swear, with my natural hair, this season.

I, Naturally Mia, this season, with my natural hair, I swear...

I, Naturally Mia, this season, with my natural hair, I swear…

  • Even when I put a nice new sheet set on my bed that I’d prefer seeing without the one black satin pillowcase, I will put on my black satin pillowcase, because God knows often times I fall asleep forgetting to wrap my hair.
  • I will not put in twist/braid extensions. Not that there is anything wrong with them, I love the look and change, and they can be a great protective style. I’ve even written about how to maintain your hair with braids/twists but, my problem is that I get too rough with my hair once I’m combing my hair after taking them out. What results after that, is split ends. Split ends means cutting the hair I’ve tried hard to grow, and cutting means Mia is unhappy. baby-haircut-cry   So, UNLESS I am going away on vacation this season, I will not put extensions in. I really do need to learn various stylish ways to protective style my hair. Maybe this will be the push to do so this winter.
  • Speaking about split ends and cutting them…I will cut trim my split ends when I see them, instead of trying to hold on to the length, waiting on some type of hair fairy to seal them.

    Photo property of

    How cute is this little fairy?           Photo property of

  • I will not be that cute girl that has her hair peeking out from beneath her beanie…well…I will be…but less often.

  • I will get help for this little addiction I have to wearing my hair out in afros and twist outs.  I’m a ‘big hair’ junkie.  Look at these pics…how can you not love rocking these looks?
    Too gorgeous to not be addicted to rocking these!

    Too gorgeous to not be addicted! Love big hair!

    But…my reality is, I do it too often and need more daily protective styling in my life.

I think that’s it for now. Anyone else pledging with me? Are there any pledges that you know you need to make this season?

Wish me luck…I’ll need it.


5 responses to “This season, with my natural hair, I swear…

  1. I love your post! I am so into hair, and have always had a thing with it. I’ve had every color of the rainbow, very short pixie to long and curly. My pledge of late has been to not dye my hair, even though it’s got grey in it and to keep growing it long and curly, which is still hard as I love extremes and miss having super short short hair! One of my beloved best friends no longer here I remember well her hair stories. She went to a special person in Harlem to get her hair done and it took at least about 6 hours!

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  2. Hi Natasha! Thanks for commenting. Glad to hear you setting some hair goals too. I too am trying to grow mine. Let me know how you do! 6 hours to get her hair done?…sounds legit. Lol. That’s another reason that has turned me off from the braid/twist extensions.


  3. I’m pledging to sticking to a routine, that is protectively, un-protective! Sounds like a contradiction, which I guess it is. I’m going back to old school daily wash and go’s and doing the same hairstyle everyday so that I limit fussing with my hair, styling, twisting and causing breakage. For me the daily wash and go is protective because 1. my hair is clumped and I feel it’s strongest when it’s clumped and in it’s curly state and 2. because I’m wetting it every day it’s super moisturized and elastic and therefore less prone to breakage.

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