Landscape, Treasure, Triumph

Just about everything is up to interpretation, right? So who cares if I take the last three themes and roll them into one? Exactly.  No one.  So that’s what I did.

Captured by Naturally Mia

Captured by Naturally Mia

Let me explain by first stating the three themes.  Landscape, Treasure and Triumph.  The first one, landscape, is pretty self explanatory.

This falls under the theme of treasure, because I absolutely love water, and feel very fortunate to live so close to water.  Now, as you can see, this is no Caribbean sea water.  I’d never go into it, it is polluted, and the colour is bland; but, it is water, nature’s provider.  There is this refreshing, relaxing, and beautiful thing about water.  I don’t quite know how to explain it, but I have a feeling that most people understand what I mean.  There is something so calming about the sound and sight of the waves rushing up against the shoreline.  Something beautiful about what looks like the body of water kissing the blue sky.  This is one of the treasures of my city.

I’ve also included this under the theme triumph, because when I finally purchased my bicycle this summer, this was the first place I rode to and felt a little triumphant.   It took me over 40 minutes of non-stop riding to get to this place via road, side streets, bike lanes, and rugged paths.  It was triumphant because I hadn’t ridden like that in yeeaaars.  So exploring my neighbourhood on my bicycle with no one but nature at my side, was a simple pleasure; and finally getting to this destination, felt a little triumphant.Captured by Naturally Mia

Captured by Naturally Mia


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