Castor Oil Challenge Week 1 Reflection

As a participant of the Winter Castor Oil Challenge, a weekly check in is required. The following questions were posed at the start, and after the first week of the challenge.  Here are my responses.

Initial Questions

  1. How long have you been natural? 1 year and 4 months.
  2. Did you Big Chop or Transition? I transitioned for a year then chopped off the rest of my relaxed ends.  I chose to do this because all of my life, I’ve had long hair and I wasn’t ready to switch up the texture and length all at once.  So I did one, although after I cut my relaxed ends, it ended up looking extremely short anyway (gotta love shrinkage!).
  3. When was your last trim? 2-3 months ago. I know, I know, in my “This season, with my natural hair, I swear…” post (, I stated I’d cut trim my split ends. I have done this to a couple strands (…literally a couple…as in 2).
  4. What is motivating you to participate in this challenge? To encourage the growth and health of my hair.

Also, to inspire others (readers) to do the same.
  5. Do you ever wear your hair Naked? I wear my hair naked mostly in the summer, when I’m able to do wash and go’s.  In cooler months, I still wear it naked, either out in a ‘fro or tied back in one.


Week 1 Questions

  • Where do you live? In Toronto, Canada.  Are there many natural women in your town, city, state? There is a decent amount, and I feel like the number keeps growing and I love it! 🙂 The two ‘must attend’ events to catch large groups of them at, would be at the Natural Hair Show ( and at Afro Fest (See my review of it here,
  • Are other members of your family naturals too? Yes! I am very blessed, as the high majority of my family members, relatives, and in-laws are naturalistas! The majority of them were natural before me and served as a great inspiration to me going natural. They were, and still are, extremely supportive.
  • How did you use Castor Oil in your hair last week (week 1)?
    • Edges – This week I used it mostly along my edges on my scalp.
    • Gel –  Since castor oil is so thick, I smooth it along my hair when I put it back in one, as I find it almost works as good as a gel!
    • Sealant – I used it as a sealant during my LOC method (, as the oil. I already regret this though, as it left my hair feeling very heavy and more stiff than what I’m use to.
      • When I braided my hair for a braid out, I sealed the ends of my braids with the castor oil.  This is something I regularly do for my braid/twist outs, as I find castor oil really holds the ends together.
  • (optional) Share a pic of the bottle of castor oil you are using.
  • CastorOil

2 responses to “Castor Oil Challenge Week 1 Reflection

  1. Kudos to you on the big chop! Haven’t used castor oil for my hair in umpteen years. It was a staple for me growing me and the scent drove me nuts ( I did love the thickness of my hair) Will have to get a whiff of it again if not for old times sake Then I might give it a try again. Thanks for the info.

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    • Np. Thanks for commenting. Ya, totally agree… The smell is a bit of a turn off. If you hate it that much you can mix in an essential oil or an oil that smells great, like coconut oil. My mom use to use it on my hair when I was a kid too. My hair was extremely thick and long (hence why she relaxed it.. As it was too much to deal with. Smh).

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