A Part of My Hair Story Featured

What Motivated You To Go Natural?: I was sick of getting burned when I was relaxing my hair. The excruciating pain told me that it was a really bad thing I was putting on my body. I also realized that I no longer had thick long hair. It was scraggly and limp. I also wanted to embrace myself fully, as I was beautifully created.
Did you transition for a while or Big Chop?: I transitioned for a full year and then chopped off the relaxed ends. Although it wasn’t an official ‘big chop’…it sure did feel like one!
Did you embrace your natural hair right away?: I had no problem with the texture of it, but I did have an issue with the length. I grew to love it very quickly, but was just so use to seeing myself with long hair, it was hard to see a very different texture and length, altogether. I got over that quickly though, and haven’t looked back since.
What did your family and friends think of your natural hair?: A couple people voiced the fact that they didn’t like it. That was fine though, because I did like it. 😉
What do you like best about having natural hair?: The uniqueness and versatility of my hair. The fact that having natural hair has made me more health conscious in all other avenues of my life, and the fact that I’m embracing how the Creator made me.
What are your favorite products or one you can’t live without?: I mix my own oils and butters to create a hair/body butter that I just can’t live without.
What advice do you have for ladies considering going natural?: I avoided going natural for the longest time because I would get flashbacks of sitting between my mother’s legs, in tears, getting my hair yanked combed. I had my hair relaxed for so long that I didn’t even know what my own natural hair looked like! I was surprised at how much I’ve loved it since. Stop being afraid of the ‘unknown’…it is only hair. I’d also remind those considering going natural that our hair is not really that difficult, we’re just so use to dealing with relaxed hair, so we just need to retrain how we take care of our hair. Eventually, you’ll learn what works best for you. I couldn’t be happier that I have taken a healthier route with my hair, and although it took me years to do it, my biggest regret is not doing it sooner.
Where can readers find you? Twitter: @iamNaturallyMia

Blog: http://www.naturallymia.wordpress.com


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