Castor Oil Challenge Week 3 Reflection

Week 3 Check In

  1. Since going natural have you ever felt really overwhelmed? If so, Why? If not, what have you done to make this journey run smoothly?

Yes! When I have an idea of what I’d like my hair to look like, and/or have somewhere important to go, and then my hair does her own thing. I found that quite overwhelming, especially when my hair was very short and I didn’t have many other options in regards to styling it! To help that situation, my go to style is my hair back in one if what I have planned doesn’t work out. The other thing I do is not give a damn and rock it regardless, with the greatest accessory…confidence. 😉

  1. How often do you detangle your hair? What products and tools do you use? How long does it take? Do you finger detangle?

I detangle whenever I wash, and when I style my hair (i.e. twist/braid or wear it out). That usually happens 3-4 times a week. I make my own spritzer which combines conditioner, leave-in conditioner, oils, water and glycerin. I use my wide tooth comb which takes about 10 minutes. I don’t currently finger detangle, only on dry or misted hair, as I don’t find finger detangling as productive for me. It doesn’t do as good a job and is too time consuming. I don’t have the patience for it. I’ll retry it another time, I suppose.

  1. How did you use Castor Oil in your hair last week (week 2). Did you use it any different than week 1? Do you see any change in your hair since using the castor oil?

I didn’t slather it all throughout my hair this time, as like I had mentioned, I found it too heavy and almost gummy in my hair. This week I only put it along my edges, and parts, and used it to seal my ends when I braided it for braid outs. My scalp is usually very dry and flaky, and since doing this challenge, I have noticed a change in this area. No flakes!

Week 4 Check In

  1. There are so many products on the market, what are your favorites for washing? What are your favorites for moisturizing/styling? What qualities does a product have to have in order to become one of your favorites?

I do a lot of co-washing, so these are the products I use for ‘washing’. I start off with Ojon’s Restorative Hair Treatment Plus. It is a pre-poo that I usually put on anywhere from 30 minutes prior, to a night before washing my hair. It has the same type of texture as coconut oil, whereby it melts in your hand as you rub it together. I find it really makes my hair feel moisturized and soft after washing. As I stated, most times, I co-wash, so will usually use either Aussie Moist or TRESemme Naturals conditioners. When I actually do shampoo, I’ll use Kerasoft Enrich Conditioning Shampoo, Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo (followed with a good deep conditioning), or one of Ojon’s shampoos.

For moisturizing, my favs are my own oil/butter mix I make. Miss Jessie’s Curly Pudding and Stretch Silkening Crème – although both do the same thing in my opinion.  They’re great for twist outs and are great smelling moisturizers.

Miss Jessies

Design Essentials Natural Curl Stretching Crème.


It is very moisturizing, thick and the scent is amazing; it smells good enough to eat!

I also am a fan of everything Shea Moisture, and their Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk is no exception.  It is great as a light moisturizer and in your spray bottle.

Curl&Style Milk

To be one of my favourites, my hair has to love it. It needs to make her feel moisturized, smell great, easy to detangle, and it needs to make my pockets smile too 🙂 I don’t mind spending a bit of extra cash if it’s outstanding, but most times I prefer to purchase reasonably priced products. I’d prefer to get the healthy stuff (i.e. paraben free, free of sulfates, organic, etc.), but I’m not yet bat crazy about that. I tend to make a lot of my own products anyway, so really and truly, I use my own concoctions more than anything I’ve listed above.

  1. Since using the castor oil, has your hair seen any of the benefits listed in the following list (Using Castor Oil regularly on your hair’s roots and scalp will help:
  • Increase hair growth

  • Thicken hair that is starting to thin out

  • Reduce and prevent hair damage

  • Eliminate dry hair

  • Make the hair fuller and shinier

  • Deeply condition and moisturize hair and scalp

  • Prevents dry scalp and dandruff

  • Boost your hair’s overall health

Applying castor oil to the ends (tips) of  your hair will also prevent your hair from looking frizzy and having split ends and damage. You will also notice that your hair is stronger and won’t develop split ends that easily anymore (source).

I have definitely seen a decrease in dry scalp and dandruff. When on my hair, I find it gives the appearance of moisturized hair, but all that it really does is seal in the moisture that I need to ensure is on my hair BEFORE I apply the castor oil on my actual hair shaft. I also agree that when I use it as a sealant on my ends, my ends don’t appear to look as frizzy.

  1. How did you use Castor Oil in your hair last week (week 3). Did you find yourself losing momentum or are you still going hard?

This week I only put it along my edges and parts. Yes, I do find myself losing momentum, which is why I appreciate these weekly check ins as it forces me to refocus and get back on track. Today was the first day that I actually re-measured my hair, and there was no real change in length. I didn’t expect to see anything big in the first 3 weeks, but considering the fact that I find my hair without this challenge already grows at a pretty decent rate, I was shocked to see next to nothing, especially in the area (front) where I put the most of the castor oil.

I’m still treading on though!  🙂 


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