Selfies That NEED to be left (and locked away) in 2014

As this new year is upon us, we can say goodbye to 2014, and hopefully, some of these selfies that need to get left and locked away with it.

For the most part, I actually have no problem with most selfies.  I don’t mind taking them every now and then. I do have problems with selfies that are taken numerous times a day, all of the types of selfies listed below, and selfies that include inappropriate, unknowning and/or unwilling participants.  No lie, in the gym change room, a woman was taking a selfie WHILE I was changing in the background!  It was about as obnoxious as these guys.

selfie in bathroom20150109-193143-70303831.jpg

There are decent times to take selfies, and times that just aren’t really appropriate.  Like these two.

selfie-fireman selfies-with-grandpa

I also think selfies taken while pretending to sleep (and while pretending to have a boyfriend) are extremely wack.  All pretending needs to stop.

sleeping selfie

The Duckface.

duckfaceWhy are girls still doing this?  Not cute.  Kinda freaky.  Please stop.

The “I’m in the hospital, come pity me” photo or post.

gaga-hosp selfiebanged up

Do you have people on your social media who post ‘whoa is me’ statuses, without stating what that ‘whoa’ is?  The “I’ve just been rushed to the hospital.  I hope I’ll make it” post, where people feed into it by commenting with “OMG, are you OK?” only to be ignored, since that builds up the suspense?  Get it together.

The Gym Rat Selfie

gym selfie

Who even dresses like this at the gym/gym class?

Who even dresses like this at the gym/gym class?

If you’re taking a selfie, you’re not working out.  Counterproductive behaviour at the gym, no? And please don’t pass the phone to your friend.  I don’t know if it’s worse to take a pic of yourself at the gym, or force your friend to snap one of you while you attempt to wow us with all of the hard work you’re putting in at the gym.  No one cares (especially if results are non existent), so please stop.


And finally, the, “I’m so into me, I have to look at how I look while I’m taking the selfie”. Like…really?

phone selfie

Oh wait, who could forget the ‘look at me pretty much naked’ type selfies and the ‘check out my (insert sexualized body part here)’ selfies. Sigh.  For 2015 let’s teach our youth that they are so much more than their body parts.  We really have soooo much more to offer than that.

So…please leave these pathetic and narcissistic behaviours in 2014.

Happy New Year! 🙂


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