Mia is Switching it Up: 5 Sexy Styles for Natural Hair

I started this post 3 days ago, as I sat at my computer, with a prepoo of oils setting in my hair.  It was the eve of Valentine’s day and I wanted to style my hair in a different, nice, and sexy way.  My husband and I do not really celebrate V’day (as we like to say, our Valentine’s day is everyday 🙂 but I just wanted a little change from my regular fro and pony tail.  I decided to look for a variety of styles that I thought were sexy for natural hair this Valentines, whether you were staying in or out with the beau or spending it with friends.  Well…it’s February 16th, and I’m still sitting here with the prepoo in my hair.  SMH.  Needless to say, I didn’t end up washing my hair, let alone styling it this past weekend.  So, as I have the day off thanks to Ontario’s “Family Day” holiday, I’ve decided I’ll actually style my hair in one of the following 5 sexy styles…post Valentine’s day.

1. The Twist out.


You just can’t go wrong with a twist out.  As long as you ensure your twist out is fully dry before taking it out, your twists are neat (curl/twist the ends – don’t grab from other sections to finish a twist), you’ve let it set long enough (a few hours or ideally overnight), you’ve used a moisturizer to twist and untwist (dip your fingertips in an oil to unravel your twists when it’s time to take them out), you are good to go!  For that extra sexy style, why not do a side part and have a sultry side sweeping twist out?

Looser twists. Simply gorgeous.

2. Forward Facing Updo.

Going some place where elegance is a must?  Try an updo.  Whether you braid it up, twist it up, or just let your hair do it’s thing, updo’s are always a sexy, classy way of styling our hair.


3. Bangs


Who said bangs were just for straight haired tresses?  Kinky, curly, coily hair can look cute and sexy with nicely cut and styled bangs.  Plus, your options of how to wear them are endless.

4. Flexi-Rods


A great way to get curls without using heat is by using flexi rods.  Ideally set overnight, you may find them a bit uncomfortable to sleep with, so if you have some time in the day, and a large enough head wrap, you can also set them for a few hours with the right gel and/or moisturizer.

5. Twists



Whether putting in Marley twists or the thicker havana twists (what I’d like to try next), switching it up by adding extensions (OR by using your OWN hair) is a fun way to style and protect your tresses.  It’s also a great way to add some colour to your hair without the damage of chemicals, and/or add some extra length.  While you have the hair in, remember to take good care of your own hair underneath (check out my past post on maintaining healthy hair under twists: https://naturallymia.wordpress.com/2014/08/18/3-steps-to-maintain-healthy-hair-under-braidstwists/).

So, were any of you ladies more stylish than my pulled back pony tail this Valentine’s day?  How did you rock your tresses?  Which of the 5 is your favourite?  Feel free to share your thoughts below.  Stay beautiful and stylish 😉


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