3 Run-ins with Selfish Today

Today I’ve been reminded how disgustingly selfish most people are.  We live in a self-obsessed world (thanks for adding to that ‘selfies’, Facebook, Twitter & especially Instagram), and because most people are solely concerned just with themselves, they have very little, if any, consideration for others.  It’s a scary thing.  When I say selfish, I’m not even talking about those clearly obvious selfish behaviours, such as cheating. Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 6.32.17 PM

I’m talking about those little selfish things that most of us do, and probably don’t even realize that it is selfishness rearing it’s ugly little head into our (and other’s) lives.  The things I observed today are fairly simple things, but clear indicators that we live in a self-centred world.

Simple things like blocking the exit at a store, because you don’t want to go outside in the cold.  Is there anything wrong with you staying in the enclosure?  Definitely not.  But the fact that you don’t realize that dozens of others need to come in and out of that same space is you just not thinking of others.  All you’re concerned with at that moment is you staying warm.  So you don’t even consider the people who are trying to come in, or in a rush to get out.  You’re warm, that’s all that matters.  Selfish.

The friend who I speak to almost daily then goes MIA (Missing In Action).  I’m talking her cell phone is off for over 3 days kind of MIA.  She never has her phone off.  Ever.  She lives alone and has been dealing with some health issues lately, so of course I get a bit nervous and scared when I don’t hear from her (I all called various hospitals to make sure she wasn’t there…that kind of scared).  Then today she finally messages me as if nothing is wrong.  I ask her what happened and where she’s been and she simply says that she misplaced her phone, and just got it back now.  Again, understandable, but why didn’t she email close friends and family to let them know this?  She knows she has a mother who is a worry wart, and myself who is almost as bad.  Instead of letting us know she was safe and sound, we were stressed, imagining the worse.  I’m not sure I’m any less selfish than the other guy, but I knew that when I misplaced my phone, the first thing I did was email family members I speak to daily, to let them know how to contact me and why I wouldn’t be reachable on my phone (ironically she was one of the people I messaged, but didn’t learn from my example).  Contacting people who I know would worry about me, just made sense.  But for her, it didn’t, because she wasn’t thinking about others.  Selfish.

I went to visit a friend who has been out of the country for years.  She stayed at another friend’s house who I probably saw a few months ago.  I got there, excited and ready to have some good conversation with the friend who was visiting, and I couldn’t do that.  Why?  Because the other friend dominated the whole conversation.  I’m talking about dominating with a whip and a chain.  No one could get anything else in because she talked so much and man handled the direction of all convos.  Even when my visiting friend and myself got a few words in, she’d over power us with her loud voice and take back control.  Like…why do people do this?  Nothing says, “I don’t care what you have to say”/”your opinion/voice/thoughts ain’t shit” like someone who is constantly talking over others, outtalking others, and just not shutting up.  It’s annoying.  It is plain…Selfish.

These are just things I noticed in the few hours I’ve been out and about today.  I haven’t even touched on the things people do while driving (check my post here on that: https://naturallymia.wordpress.com/2014/06/19/basic-road-rules-to-ensure-you-are-not-a-jackass-driver/), in relationships, at work, as parents, and to strangers.  So please, think a little less of yourself, and a iittle more of your common wo/man.  You are NOT the centre of the universe.  And on that note, I’ll leave you with this video.



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