A Woman

She has a sense of humour. A taste, a desire, a yearning for adventure, for growth, for all things passionate, positive, and beautiful. A healthy glow. Hips that tell a story as she walks. Openness, honesty, confidence, humility. Presence. Smart ass comebacks. Intelligence in regards to emotions, books, in love, in life. An appetite for good food, positive energy, healthy relationships; with others, and most importantly, the Creator, and then, herself.  Intuition. Quick wit. She can tell dirty jokes as fluidly as she can tell clean ones. She creates. Nurtures, makes love, and grows. A woman who’s beauty radiates from deep within her soul to the surface of her skin, that each time she looks in the mirror she smiles, because she, and the rest of the world sees it. Now that, that is powerfully sexy. That is a woman. Beautifully created.

                                     – Naturally Mia

Happy International Women’s Day, to all of the beautiful, strong, and amazing women out there.


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