My Castor Oil Challenge Results

So sometime after Christmas, New Years, and that dreadful February weather, we’ve happened upon March (which means winter is nearly done…according to the calendar at least).  And with this month, comes the end of the Winter Castor Oil Challenge that I started 3 months back.  I feel like I’ve been updating you all along the way with what I’ve been doing, so it feels like I have nothing more to do than get straight to the point, and show you my results.

When I started back in December, the hair at the front and side of my head measured the same length – 8 inches/20 centimetres.  Now, after the challenge, they measure 9 inches/23cm, and 10 inches/26 cm, respectively.

Mia Castor Oil Challenge Front Result

The hair at the back of my head was 8.5 inches/21 cm, and now measures 9.5 inches/25 cm.  Keep in mind that in both of the before pictures, my hair was blow dried.  In the ‘after’ pictures, my hair was just stretched, so the measurements may not be as accurate as they should be, especially in the back, as my hair was extremely kinky back there.

Mia Castor Oil Challenge Results

They say the average persons hair should be growing about 0.5 inches per month, so according to that, I faired pretty average, considering I retained most of that growth. So does that mean the castor oil challenge was ineffective?  I don’t think so.  What I do think know is that life happens, which means I didn’t use the castor oil as much as I probably should have during this challenge.  My advice to you – use it more often to see greater results.

OR, try out NaturallyCurly’s tips on growing your hair.

Anyone else tried a castor oil challenge, or any other hair growth challenge?  Feel free to share your hair growth woes or successes in the comment section below.

So, what are my next steps for my tresses? To chop off trim my scraggly split ends. *Takes a deep breath* …does trimming your hair EVER get easier? 😦


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