#TBT (Throw Back Thursday) – A Problem, Solution & Reminder

Throw Back Thursday (TBT), is the one day a week people post older pictures (or videos) of themselves on social media.  It’s always fun to look at people’s old baby pictures, childhood pics, or just pictures from a few years ago for a nice walk down memory lane.  Is there anything wrong with TBT?  No.  Is there something wrong with getting lost in your past?  Yes.  Why?


So this past Thursday, I decided to post a #TBT pic.  I found one of hubby and I, when we were just an engaged couple.  The pic was adorably cute.  We were dressed up all nice and fancy, holding on to each other…looking as young as ever.  It made me smile.  Until…I noticed that…that picture wasn’t THAT long ago.  It was just a few years ago, and it hit me.  I didn’t look like that any more.  Do I look good for my age?  Yes.  But do I look older much older than I did in that picture?  …Yes.  And it bothered me.  I know it shouldn’t have…aging is a natural part of life, but actually seeing it in such a short period of time, did bother me a little.  The reality that age doesn’t discriminate, hit me, and I had fallen victim to…life’s wearing and tearing, and it showed.  I was aging.  When I shared my thoughts with two friends, they shrugged it off with, “Oh stop it, you’re beautiful!”, and “You still look good for your age.”  And although I agreed ;), something about seeing myself age in such a short period of time bothered me.  Is it stupid, and maybe even vain for me to feel this way?  Probably.  But even knowing that didn’t stop that feeling.  But then I had to question myself, what good were these thoughts? Instead of those initial thoughts when I looked back at the photo, of happiness and joy, I was over analyzing.  There were so many other healthy, and positive routes I could have taken with that photo.  Remembering how happy we were then, and how much more happier we are now.  How we’ve grown so much as individuals, and as a couple.  In the pic, we had just purchased a house, but now we had a home.  There was so much to look at and be thankful for, but instead, I focused my energy on something that really didn’t matter.  I was reminded of this when my husband arrived home that evening from work. I was in a tank top and jogging pants, no make up, and my hair hidden back in a wrap.  He looked at me, smiled, and said, “Well don’t you look cute”, followed by a kiss.  I froze and gave him this face.

Say What?

I doubted him and sniffed around for some sarcasm.  Nothing.  After my over analyzing of that photo, I didn’t feel too ‘cute’.  But then I realized, irregardless of the fact that I have aged, he still saw me as I saw me in that picture from a few years ago.  The beauty in truly knowing and loving one’s soul, is that their inner beauty radiates from within, and regardless of how they look on the outside, sometimes you’re so blinded by the internal beauty that that is all you see.

So, heres to that kind of beauty.  May we not get side tracked by the physical things that nature does to us, and instead focus on the things that we do to us, the things that make us, on the inside.  Don’t let a day in the week make you forget the beauty that TRULY matters.



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