Wash & Wrap

There are some days where one just doesn’t have the time, patience, or energy to spend washing his/her natural hair AND to then invest even more time prepping it (i.e. detangling, twisting, braiding, or styling).  That was me the other day.  I had come home dripping with sweat, and knew I had no other option than to wash my tresses.  But, my reality was, it was late, and I was exhausted.  I didn’t have the time, patience, or energy to deal with anything other than getting the sweat out of my hair.  So what did I do?  I washed it.  Towel dried it, wrapped it in my silk scarf, then went to bed.

Wash n wrap

Yup.  No leave-in, no detangling.  Nadda.  If I could remember the dreams I had at night, I’m sure one would have been a nightmare where my hair, in a tangled and matted mess, was attacking me – as that is what I thought I would face in the morning.  To my great surprise, it wasn’t.  It was neat to see my hair dried totally naked (without product) and to see how my curls kept most of their length (less than normal shrinkage), while keeping their kink.  All I did was reach for my spray bottle, spritz my hair until it was damp, and moved on to the LOC method (https://naturallymia.wordpress.com/2014/07/04/naturalistas-wash-day-shouldnt-take-the-whole-day-naturallymias-loc-method/).  I detangled (which surprisingly, was very easy to do) then braided my hair.  I took down the braids well over a day later (there are sooo many cute ways to rock your hair in a wrap), and my hair was in great shape.  Nicely defined curls, very moisturized and shiny.

Lesson learned: If I have time the next day, when I feel lazy, there is nothing wrong with a wash and wrap.  🙂

Wrapped Hair


6 responses to “Wash & Wrap

    • Looool! It wasn’t even bravery. I was just that tired. Lol. Maybe do a prepoo first and then try. Or at least put on a leave in and then wrap. Let me know if you muster up the courage to try it! 🙂


    • Nice to meet you too! 😊 let me know how it goes for you once you try it! I checked out your post – I do this all the time! 😋 …speaking of which, I’m well overdue for a DC 🙈


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