50 Posts! A look back at my favourites


Whoa! When did that happen?  Somewhere over the past 9 months, I posted 50 blog posts.  I received the notification from WordPress, and then decided there was no better day then today, #TBT (Throwback Thursday), to take a moment to look back at some of my favourite posts over the months.  So, take a brief walk with me down memory lane and check out some of my favourite posts here on Naturally Mia!

In no specific order, here are some of my favourite past posts.

Brazil Wins the World Cup…of Hair – Recognizing great hair during the 2014 World Cup games


I wrote this one during the 2014 World Cup.  It was a fun way to mix together two things I love, soccer and natural hair! I looked at the different World Cup teams and chose the team with the best hair, while recognizing other national teams.  It was something Brazil got to win during last summer’s games! :p


Vanity, Self-Esteem & Love: Am I Vain?

Photo property of Robert Daly/Getty Images

Photo property of Robert Daly/Getty Images

This is probably my top favourite, not to mention the post most often shared by others. Here I tackle the difference between vanity, self-esteem, and just…love.


Fall Equals Change in Home, Wardrobe, Hair & Self

I love this post because even though it lists different ways to say hello to fall, we can still use most of these tips during any time in our lives.  Anytime we are searching for life’s most constant…change.


Everything Natural Hair!

Below are some of my favourite natural hair journey posts simply because of their practicality.  The titles are fairly self explanatory so check them out.

Ain't Nobody Got Time Fuh Dat!

Ain’t Nobody Got Time Fuh Dat!

Shortening your Wash Day + My LOC Method



Experiencing AfroFest in Toronto


Using a Spray Bottle to Care of Twists

3 Steps to Maintain Healthy Hair Under Braids/Twists



Black women, you can swim AND have healthy hair!



5 OTHER uses for Castor Oil



5 Sexy Styles for Natural Hair


Like reading short stories?

Sooo…I was trying to decide on my favourites in my short story section…and…reality is…I love them all!  So, check them out if short stories are your thing…and even if they aren’t, I bet they will be. 😉


And finally, I leave you with a way back oldie, but goodie.  I know that all drivers will be able to relate to most of these frustrations.  And if you’re not yet a driver, read this anyway so when you do start driving, you avoid being that jackass on the road (just saying).

Basic Rules to Ensure You Are Not a Jackass Driver



Thanks for hanging in there with me and my 50 posts.  I sincerely appreciate everyone who has followed my blog, and who has taken the time to read, ‘like’, comment, and share my work.  To 50 more…and beyond! 🙂


– Naturally Mia



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