I cut my hair. When does the pain stop?

Ok, so the title is a little dramatic.  But I’m kind of serious.  After completing the castor oil challenge and gaining a few extra inches in length, what did I go and do?  Trim cut my hair.  It hurts.  Say what you will but I hate trimming cutting my hair.


I totally understand that it is a normal part of growing healthy hair, and unfortunately, knowing this doesn’t seem to help any.  The same way that knowing brussel sprouts are healthy for you doesn’t make them any easier to eat.  They still make you want to bitch and complain about the taste thereafter.  So I’m there.  Hair trimming is my brussel sprouts.  And I hate brussel sprouts.

Since I have returned back to being natural, I have cut/trimmed my hair I think 3 times.  First was the big chop which was pretty damn painful, then a trim once my tresses started to grow in (almost equally painful), and then this.  They all sucked.  I’m still waiting to figure out when it will get easier.  When I’ll sit up all happy in that salon chair as she brings the shears close to my tresses, and as I watch months of growth fall from my head.

This time I told myself that I wouldn’t even notice it.  My hair was below my shoulders when stretched and I really did need to get rid of those split, scraggly ends.  But then I saw about 2 inches fall to the ground…that hair cutting/trimming pain returned – as equally painful as the last.  All those months of growth – gone.

Did my hair look good after? Sure.  My clean cut ends made my hair look more healthy.  And it was nice to notice that when I would lose a few strands that the many single strand knots or scraggly torn up ends weren’t at the end of my strands.  But…it still hurt.  Especially when I actually noticed the change in length – just when I was really enjoying me with longer hair again.  Do I know I need to shut up and suck it up?  Yes.  If a friend of mine was complaining about this, I’d probably be rolling my eyes as hard as you all are now, but, again, knowing this does nothing.

Positive Note:  I started off at stage 1 after the big chop, and a couple years later, here I am at stage 3.  I have plenty to be happy/proud about.  It doesn’t mean I have to like trims/cuts, even if it helps me get to stage 4 since healthy hair is growing hair.


Give me some time, I’m working on loving and enjoying the journey, not just the destination. 🙂


11 responses to “I cut my hair. When does the pain stop?

  1. Hahaha! Ok, let me say that I love your writing style. Very creative. I was reading so fast, it was like a juicy novel! I have been natural for 2.5 years now and I have only cut my hair 3 times. Well, the big chop, which doesn’t count, because that was the beginning. After that I waited an entire year to cut my hair because it had grown so fast, I was scared to see it go. Haha. And I just recently cut my hair again, but this time it was just a trim. Equally as painful. To know the work that it takes to gain some good length on our natural hair, and then to chop it off- oh the horror! Congrats on painfully getting to stage 3. I think that is where I am as well! Happy hair growing 🙂

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  2. I know the pain girl! Haha, but I love brussel sprouts! I recently had to trim my hair too. It had been stuck at collar bone length for 8 months now and it was due to split edges that kept breaking off. I finally cut them off and now I’m back to were I started at the beginning of last year, shoulder length. Ugh, I know it will grow back, but I’m with you on this one girl. Trimming/cutting hair sucks. It will never get easier haha.


    • Thanks for stopping bye, Sade. Please let me know how you cook your brussel sprouts, as I can’t fathom what you could possibly do to them to make anyone ‘love’ them. Lol
      I’m sure when your hair grows past the stage it was stuck at for so long, you’ll be happy you trimmed, but I toooootally understand how you’re feeling now.
      Oh, and thanks for confirming that trimming never gets easier. *kicks rocks* lol

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