Fall Equals Change in Home, Wardrobe, Hair & Self

If, like myself, you’re watching the first snowfall of the season, I know…it is beginning to feel a little like Old Man Winter decided to show his miserable face a little early, but, it is still fall. Here in Toronto, we’ve had a fairly good one up until this point, so much so I almost forgot to reblog this oldie but goodie. Hello Fall. Don’t leave us just yet!

Naturally Mia

http://chowmenow.com/posts/goodbye-summer-hello-fall/ http://chowmenow.com/posts/goodbye-summer-hello-fall/

With sorrow, we officially say goodbye to summer, and welcome in the bright, fun colours of fall. Bored with green, Mother Nature takes out her paintbrush and entertains us with reds, yellows, orange and brown. It’s boot and sweater season and with the entrance of autumn, comes a time to change some things around at home, in wardrobe, in hair and in self.

In Home

fall home

We often talk about spring cleaning, but that was two seasons ago and it’s time to do a thorough cleaning yet again. Take some time to go through your home, get rid of what doesn’t need to be there and thoroughly clean what does. Maybe it’s time to change the planter on your porch and decorate it with more oranges, reds, yellows and greens. A nice way to welcome Fall is with a bright Fall wreath that hangs outside your door. An important part…

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