My Husband gave me discounted treats…AFTER Valentine’s day

Call me crazy, but I’m okay with it!  The day after Valentine’s Day, February 15th, he came home, handed me a tray of gummy hearts, kissed my forehead (don’t you just love those?), and gloated about getting the candies half off.  I thanked him, high fived him, and we giggled together; laughing at those who were suckered out of money that day (50% of which they would have saved if they shopped a mere day later), and rejoicing in the fact that he saved 50% (even if it was only on candies that cost no more than $5).

I can’t say enough, that life really is about the simple things.  The simple things that make us smile, laugh, cry, and give us that beautiful warm, tingly feeling in our heart.  When you find someone to share those beauties with, enjoy them.  And let them know that you do.  It really is that simple.  Don’t wait for a day in the year for someone to tell you when you need to express it and how.  But express it.  Daily.  Everyday will be a beautiful ‘Valentine’s day’ and you’ll notice that February 14th will be nothing more than a day to eagerly await the next…for 50% off Valentine’s day treats. 🙂



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