Detangling Matted Hair (including DIY detangler)

Yes, my hair is matted. I could go into the details/explanation/excuse of how it got matted in the first place, but I don’t think that would make me feel any less shame.  Long story short, life is a bit beyond busy/crazy right now, and after shampooing my hair, I wasn’t able to detangle all of it…for like a week.  😐  So although I tried my regularly tried, tested and true “Wash & Wrap”, I needed a stronger detangler.

Kinky Kurl

My hair was in such poor condition, that my Kinky Curly Knot Today just wasn’t doing the job, neither was my LOC method, so I decided to work in my own detangler.




I concocted a detangler of my own, that I found was extremely helpful in detangling my hair – with the help of dampening my hair prior, a denman brush, and a lot of patience!

I started off mixing the following in an old spray bottle:

  • one of my favourite conditioners that has a lot of ‘slip’ to it


    Aussie Moist

  • carrier oils (sweet almond oil and extra virgin olive oil)
  • glycerin
  • water

I added just enough water to ensure the mixture was a thick liquid after a good shake.  The same consistency of Kinky Curly’s Knot Today.  It was so thick I couldn’t really spray it out from my spray bottle, and had to pour it into my hand to distribute it throughout my hair.

I separated my hair into a number of smaller chunks (maybe 8), wet my hair, then distributed my detangler.  I let each section sit with the detangler on it for at least 10 minutes, then I started working through my hair, section by section.  I started by using my denman brush, gently working through the ends first, up towards the roots.  When things were still a bit hard to get through, I would use my fingers to finger comb through the big clumps and even to pull apart some smaller ones.

Once each section was detangled, I’d twist it and clip it out of the way and continue the same process until all sections were detangled.  Once that is done, have a well deserved celebratory drink, and style as you so like.



I will reiterate, this process took a lot of patience.  So in short, do I recommend waiting days to properly detangle your hair? Definitely not.  Will I ever do that again? Hopefully not.  But hey, life happens.  So, when your life happens like mine did over the last week, don’t fear, you will (eventually) be able to loosen those stubborn clumps of matted hair. 🙂


PSA: When looking for a featured image, I googled “matted hair” and…Eeek! If you’re as far gone as some of the one giant dreadlock pics I saw, this just may not help you. Sorry, and better luck elsewhere! :p



2 responses to “Detangling Matted Hair (including DIY detangler)

  1. I’m checking in to see if you are still blogging. I’m doing some clean up and organizing of my files. If you are still active, please drop in and let me know. Have a good new year!


    • Aww, thanks for checking in, Oneta! I just logged in to try and post, but of course… family calls. Will definitely post this week. I have really been bad with it, clearly, so my intention for this year is to get regular again. I truly miss it.


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